Cinema to edit is a professional team of skilled video editors founded by Mr. Milan Kapadiya in 2017. Since 2017, we are successfully serving clients worldwide i.e. USA, UAE, Canada, UK, Australia, and many more. Our team members are a minimum of 10 years old in film editing services.

WWith years of experience and an extensive, diversified portfolio, our team can handle all video editing service and post-video production needs. We are specialized in various video genres, understand the vision and the needs of the clients and provide personalized services and the best possible output.

If you are looking to outsource video editing and post-production service for your clients then you can rely on us for top-quality services, Timely delivery, fulfilling commitments, so that you can focus on the more strategic aspects. We adhere to all your preferences so that you can achieve a stellar outcome.

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Cinema to edit, is a professional wedding video editing firm, founded by Mr. Milan Kapadiya in 2017, Since 2017. She is an entrepreneur for more than a decade. Mrs. Chandrika's vast experience in managing the organization has helped in developing the business of Cinema to Edit for almost half a decade and has seen some noticeable growth.

Our Team

We have a highly passionate team of 13 members including video editors, visual technicians, designers led by the founder. Our editors completely do ‘think out of the box’ type work and give it a best output when it comes to editing wedding film. We pride ourselves in having a fresh, innovative approach, resulting in developing a world class experience in every project we execute.

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